Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 6 – 2006

Algonquin Aug 2006001A

In 2006 we decided to head to Grand Lake and paddle over to the portage leading to Stratton Lake.  This is a nice area of the park, however, in all the years we have been going to Algonquin, this area is where we have seen the least amount of wildlife for some reason.  Maybe its the month of August.

Grand Lake is a fair size lake.  I’m not now, nor have I ever, been fond of paddling big lakes but here we go.

The portage to Stratton Lake was very short and not difficult at all.  Good for us !

We paddled down the length of Stratton Lake and found a site near the end.  Stratton is an odd shaped lake.  Once we got to the end, you turn to the left and go around the land mass and head back down the other side, ending up at High Falls.   We had a great site.  Right on the tip of the land mass, we could see from both sides to each side of the lake.  And it was a big site with two landings.

Algonquin Aug 2006010

Algonquin Aug 2006006A
Our home

I know this sounds weird and I can’t explain it, but when we reach the campsite we are going to stay at for 7-10 nights, its exciting.  It’s your home and you set up your tents and get your kitchen area ready and get wood for the fire.  Like I said, I can’t explain it….

Algonquin Aug 2006034A
This is a picture of our site from the water.

We did a lot of day trips, every day actually.  We would get up early, make and pack our lunches and head out.  One day we headed down to High Falls.  Great place and very popular for swimming and hanging out.

Algonquin Aug 2006169A

Algonquin Aug 2006311A
Portage from Stratton Lake to St Andrews Lake
Algonquin Aug 2006232A
St Andrews Lake off Stratton Lake

We also did a day trip from Stratton back into Grand Lake, into Carcajou Bay and over to some other lakes.

Algonquin Aug 2006064

Algonquin Aug 2006096A
Portage from Lower Spectacle Lake to Upper Spectacle Lake
Algonquin Aug 2006121A
Entrance to Lower Spectacle Lake
Algonquin Aug 2006141
Entrance to the Falls at the end of Carcajou Bay
Algonquin Aug 2006320A
Fascinating Spiderweb
Algonquin Aug 2006192 4x6
One of our neighbours

This is a great area, not as remote and quiet as preferred but a nice area to travel around.   We had good weather that year and did a lot of adventuring, swimming and enjoying the days.

Below are some random shots and to be truthful, I’m not entirely sure I remember exactly where all of them are or what they are called, but enjoy.

Algonquin Aug 2006316Algonquin Aug 2006279AAlgonquin Aug 2006236

Algonquin Aug 2006136
Falls area at the end of Carcajou Bay

It is so easy to fall in love when you are doing this kind of trip.  Being remote away from people and the quiet, it is amazing and makes me happy.  Back country canoeing or even backpacking is not for everyone.  As I get older, I look back at these memories and want to go again.

We did manage to get away last year (2018) for a trip to Parkside Bay in Algonquin Park.   I did a blog about this trip, we entered at Smoke Lake and portaged to Ragged Lake and then further into Parkside Bay.    As we already have our plans made for this year, 2019, I am hoping to find the time next year to get in another trip or two into the “Bush.”

I have already been researching some areas that we may be interested in, so stay tuned next year !

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