Olympia, Washington – Big Trip 2019

Olympia WA-9_01_01

Tuesday 27 August – sunny 28 Celsius. Left for Olympia and we stayed at Washington Harbour RV Park. It’s a big gravel parking lot and we had two nights at $31 a night. We set up and then went for a drive.

Olympia WA-11_01

We ended up at Three Magnets Brewery which is a big building, and we sat outside and shared a flight. We didn’t like the beer or the look of their menu.

LR Exported Olympia WA-2_01

We walked over to Well 80 Brewery which is a great place. We sat on comfy couches at the front of the bar and play Trivial Pursuit board game. We shared a flight and then I had a glass of IPA and Clint had a barrel aged dark beer. Then we split a 10 inch pizza and some brussels sprouts and tots and soup. It was $42 total, food and beer. We played two rounds of their Trivial Pursuit night and we stopped was a great evening and we went home.

LR Exported Olympia WA-4_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-3_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-6_01

Wednesday 28 August –  hot and sunny. Drove to the State Capitol Building and took the 10 o’clock tour.  Our guide was a retired schoolteacher. The tour took about an hour and the building is beautiful and very relaxed. Hardly any security here, you go pretty well where we want. Lots of marble in this building. Our guide was good and very informative.

Olympia WA-8_01

Olympia WA-7_01

Olympia WA-6_01

Olympia WA-3_01

Olympia WA-2_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-23_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-22_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-11_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-7_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-26_01

After we were finished there, we drove downtown to the Port and parked. We walked all around the waterfront, up-and-down for couple of hours.

Olympia WA-10_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-19_01
Beautiful marina

LR Exported Olympia WA-16_01_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-15_01_01

LR Exported Olympia WA-24_01
Unusual Sculpture

Then to Tumwater Falls but there’s lots of construction going on. It’s a so-so place, we walked to the bridge on the river and then left.

Going to Port Angeles, Washington next!

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