Port Alberni, British Columbia – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Port Alberni BC-2_01

Saturday 7 September  –  As of today we have drove 21,950 km. Off to Port Alberni. We had a few issues finding a place to stay but we settled on Arrowvale RV  Park site number five. $35 a night and it’s a pretty dumpy place and not looked after. But the people are really nice and the site was okay.

We set up and then went into town to visit Nina, a 96-year-old relative of Clints.  She lives in an awesome old persons building and has a great apartment.

We left her and went to Twin City Brewing Company and sat at the bar. This is a great place and the staff is friendly. They had a really good IPA but the rest of the beer was not so good. We shared a hummus plate and we each had a glass of IPA. There was a drunk guy sitting next to us at the bar and when he left, the girl bartender tried to stop him but he wouldn’t stop. He got into his white pickup truck anyways. She called the police on him. Good for her. He’s a regular and he should know better. Then we stopped at a Bavarian restaurant for German food but it was so full of people that they couldn’t even take a reservation. We went to a Chinese buffet place and it was the worst Chinese food we’ve ever had anywhere in the world.

On a bright note, we did see two deer crossing at the Cross Walk!

LR Exported Port Alberni BC-1_01

Very short stay here, off to Tofino tomorrow!

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