And the “Big Trip” of 2019 is at an end…..

California Squirrel

So that is the end of Blogging about our “Big Trip” for 2019.   It was a great time and we have more great times to come.

So, in a nutshell, our 2019 trip was 28,565 kilometres long.  We were gone only  133 days and stayed in 50 campgrounds which were located in 5 Canadian provinces, 16 U.S. states and one Federal District (Washington DC).  The weather was mostly great and we met lots of nice people and the odd not so nice person lol.  All in all, we made a lot of memories and knocked a lot off of our Bucket List.

Let’s see, off the top of my head, we saw and/or went to:

Washington D.C. – Vietnam and Korea Vets Monuments- Marine Museum – Book Depository (JFK) –  Southfork in Dallas – New Orleans for some food and music – Tombstone and Wyatt Earp – The Alamo – Fort Worth Stockyards – Mt St Helen’s – Big Bend National Park – Joshua Tree National Park – Las Angeles – Hearst Castle – Spruce Goose – Banff National Park – Pacific Rim National Park – Yoho National Park – Olympic National Park – Gettysburg – Kitty Hawk – and so much more….

Here are just a few reminder photos that I picked out as I was going through all the photographs.

If anyone wants more information about our travels last year, you can contact Trum @


California Black Bird





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