RIP Old Barn

The Old Barn

There is a Conservation Area near where we live, Potter’s Creek Conservation Area to be precise. There are trails and an off leash dog walking trail; at the entrance by the parking lot, there is a big old barn. I love barns.

Well I just learned this past Saturday that they are tearing it down. So this morning my husband and I went down to take a couple of photos. The barn comes down tomorrow. So sad. They said they might leave the old stone foundation so there’s that…………..

I took this photo and then did the editing in B&W. I love old buildings and landscapes in B&W. Well not ALL but some…
Clint took this photo of me in front of the old barn

This area will sure look different but I’m glad I learned about the demolition ahead of time and was able to take some memory photos.

Stay safe…………..

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