Dragonflies, Bees and Bugs

I don’t normally photograph any kind of insect because I am not fond of bugs to be blunt. However, sometimes when we are sitting in our canoe for a very long time (maybe a couple of hours) we do see some great photo opportunities. Now I don’t have a macro lens so I just use what I have, usually my 200mm or my 300mm. A macro lens would be better but we only have one of those lenses between us so we both can’t use it at the same time!

As well as photos of butterflies, bees and others, I also have photos of dragonflies and damselflies. I always these two were one and the same but there are differences. The dragonfly has a bigger body and the wings are to the side when sitting. The damselflies are more slender and their eyes are large and somewhat on the side of their head. I spent more time than I should have trying to figure these guys out and was just getting discouraged. If anyone can tell what types they are please feel free to let me know. Knowledge is a great thing! It was very difficult to try and match up my photos with photos on the web.

I took this in marsh area outside of New Orleans, I like the look of the photo.
Bald Faced Hornet and apparently these guys are miserable!
A little bee, I believe he is a honey bee
I could not find this guy, he might be a Saddlebag or some form of Jewelwing?

This is the infamous Brown Dragonfly! Okay I have no idea…….
Bees getting nectar
Some form of caterpillar
Butterfly on the Moira River
another nameless flying creature……..
I really liked the colouring of this guy/gal

I believe the blue Dragonfly below is called the Canada Darner and the other is a female Canada Darner….. or not

Okay so this is the Porn shot lol

So those are some of my unidentified insect photos.

Stay safe !

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