Presquile Provincial Park – 12 March Jaunt to the Park!

Nice walk down this trail

Friday morning we got up really early………..why do my Blog Posts always start with that? Anyways up at Oh Dark Thirty again and out the door before 630 a.m.

Drove to the Park and spent some time driving around and we spent a couple of hours hiking some trails. We did see some very shy deer, they were deep in the woods and of course swans and ducks. But that was it, pretty slow day at the park today.

There are some nice trails and we walked a few to get our exercise and see what we could see; which was not much, except for a Pileated Woodpecker and he was pretty far away.

Some trails need some clean up !
Lots of little boardwalk sections in the park and they were mostly ice and snow

The ice is pretty much gone off the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the trails, for the most part, are snow and ice free. Well, there are a few sections that you have to be careful but it’s not too bad.

Lake Ontario shoreline
Shoreline of Lake Ontario

And here he is the star of the Blog – Trum and he’s checking out the info on Waterfowl

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