Belleville Waterfront – 27 March

Female Mallard or Hen

So apparently there have been Wood Ducks down at our waterfront. I love Wood Ducks. People I know have been posting photos of them for the last week. Clint and I drove to the waterfront Saturday afternoon to take a look-see.

Reminiscent of our trip to Algonquin last Tuesday, nothing! No Wood Ducks, apparently they headed west about 90 minutes before we got there.

We did see some cute mallard ducks, swans and pigeons! lol

Here are a few of my favourites from yesterday. Oh and lest I forget, seagulls were all over the place. Seagulls in Belleville are like the Red Squirrels in Algonquin Park, numerous and plentiful.

I do like doing Seagulls in B&W for some reason.
Taking a drink
Scratching an itch
Male Mallard or Drake
Pigeon Attack!

Not too exciting but we will try again to find the elusive Wood Ducks. Here is a photo of one that I saw in Algonquin Park last fall when we were camping there. They are a beautiful duck.

Hopefully we will get out again soon, stay safe !

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