A day in the Life of a Vixen (not me, a Fox Mom)

Three of the four, watching for their Dad coming towards them

Clint and I were fortunate enough to spend some time photographing a fox family. (Click link for more info on foxes) We have not seen them for about 12 days now so they may have moved to another den, sometimes they will do that. They move dens to get away from danger and sometimes for no apparent reason. Foxes do not live in dens year round, only while the kits are young.

Sibling Love

I love foxes and especially the little ones, called kits or pups. Although I did watch a video one day and the lady kept referring to them as cubs which I had never heard before.

More Sibling Love

We stayed quite a distance from them, my husband was a few feet away from me. We both have big lenses so we don’t need to be close to them at all. They were pretty cute to watch, 4 young ones and mom and at one point, the Dad (known as a dog, tod, or reynard) came but he did not stay long. The young ones were so happy to see him. We also got a good laugh as we watched one of the kits get his mom’s tail and he wouldn’t let go, I guess at one point she had enough and she turned so quickly he flew off and landed in the entrance to the den! He didn’t stop there though, in one photo I took you can see her tail in the den, he’s pulling on it, and she’s still trying to get away! Pretty cute.

Tail Grab Commences in below photo

He has the tail now !

She has had enough, he gets flung off the tail!

And flung into the entrance but he hasn’t given up

He reaches from below and grabs it again!

Finally, she breaks free!

We also saw the Mom bring a Robin back for them and a Vole. Yum, dinner!

Mom with a Robin in her mouth
Young kit with a Vole (I think) in his mouth

Fox parents are very loving, always playing with the kits and ensuring they are well protected and well fed. When the Dad came to see them, they went crazy trying to literally hug him and play with him.

Hug Me !
Parental Love, although I feel like the biting is hurting a bit! lol

So that’s that, a day in the life……..

Stay safe everyone!

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