Presquile Provincial Park

Dinner’s ready

We decided to spend a day the Friday before our long weekend, we figured the park would be super busy for the weekend. We have to drive through the town of Brighton on our way to the park and at one point, a beautiful coyote ran across the road in front of us. I wish he had told me lol. I really would have liked a shot, he was very healthy looking and handsome. There are marshy areas on either side of the road just before you go into the park and we spotted an egret.


We got to the park before 830 and set up our chairs on the beach to enjoy our coffee and the view of Lake Ontario. It was so peaceful, no one was around and we just sat and stared out at the view watching the Cormorants, seagulls and assorted other ducks and birds fly back and forth.

Lake Ontario

We also took our bikes so after having a pre-bike rest we took off and did the perimeter of the park and then through the empty campgrounds and along the water. It was a great day and we ran into a couple of people we know so it was nice to have a social distanced chat with them.

My bike
Shoreline Shot
You can see Gull Island way out there
Road to go to one of the campgrounds
Canada Goose resting on a beaver house

We had taken our lunch so after our ride we sat back by the water and had our lunch and then sat there taking tons of photos of seagulls as they dove into the water for their lunch. I like seagulls, a lot of people don’t, I know they can be annoying sometimes but they are pretty cool to photograph.

Bottoms Up !
Wings only in Black and White
And he’s off to find another fishing spot
Coming out of the water
Got one !

As we were leaving we decided to park at the store and walk down to the point. We weren’t ready to go home yet, it was such a beautiful day. In the photo below, you can see they have it roped off due to nesting grounds. In the far distance is Gull Island, you can walk out there at different times in the year, depending on water levels, depending on nesting, depending on hunting. Yes they allow hunting and in the fall there are days open for the hunters and days open for the rest of us. We have been out there in years past and there has been shotgun shells and dead ducks just left there, plus garbage of course. Very frustrating.

Gull Island in the distance
Looking to the other side of the trail

That is all the wildlife we saw in the park that day, although we weren’t really looking too hard.

Another great day in this beautiful weather we have been having.

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