Massassauga Point Conservation Area

We drove to this Conservation area this past Tuesday to take a hike on one of the trails. We have been here many times and it’s a really nice spot. We had a nice hike and most of the snow was gone off the trails although there was some icy spots.

We sat by the water for a long time and then we walked further down by the water and photographed some swans and ducks. This Conservation area is on the Bay of Quinte which is quite big. I feel like everywhere we go in this area is on the Bay of Quinte!

Anyways, here are a few of my photos from our walk, so enjoy and see you next time.

9 thoughts on “Massassauga Point Conservation Area”

  1. Looking cold out there in the Bay, but the Swan is enjoying it. That’s a great close-up of the Swan and it amazes me just how dirty their necks are against the rest of their snowy white bodies.

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