Algonquin Park – Spring Trip – Miscellaneous Photos

My favourite Park

This is the last post from our trip to Algonquin Park last month, just some other photos I took here and there……….Enjoy

5 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Spring Trip – Miscellaneous Photos”

  1. I can see why Algonquin Park is your favorite park Susan. The clouds were so dark in some pictures – every day it seems we get dark clouds, whether it rains or not – you never know and just another worry as to toting the camera and risking getting damaged in a quick downpour. The clouds are unusual in the last picture as well.

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    1. Yes that’s what I worry about. I don’t care if I get wet but I do worry about my camera but we always take a backpack and waterproof bags. I feel like some of the nicer landscape pictures have lots of dark clouds in them. Makes it a little more dramatic!

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      1. That’s a good idea to keep that gear. I usually end up taking the digital compact if it looks bad that day. I have an emergency poncho in my camera bag but it is folded into a small square and I’d be soaked by the time I opened it unless I could run for cover. Yes, the sky with brooding clouds is always dramatic. I saw a picture the other day of dark clouds and a rainbow in between.

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