Belleville’s 1st Ever Downtown Caribbean Festival

I live between two cities which gives us double the opportunities for places to walk, eat, drink and also double the festivals! This past Saturday we went downtown Belleville, the city to the east of us. Belleville is a city of approximately 50,000 people set on the Moira River and Bay of Quinte which gives access to Lake Ontario. But I digress…………Belleville had their first ever Caribbean festival and it was pretty good for the first one, a few tweeks to be made but all in all, not a bad time. They had two stages set up, one for dancers and Steel Pan drummers (which we missed) and a second stage for the big evening act of Sean Jones and band The Righteous Echo.

There were food trucks but only 3-4 so they needed more for sure, I think they only had 3-4 and the lineups were ridiculously long. We figured that would be the case so we ate before we went downtown. I hate lineups! haha Lots of craft booths and other booths were set up on the main street, which was closed off to traffic.

We walked around for a while and then headed over to Myers Pier to sit by their outdoor restuarant/bar and have a dacquiri or two before heading back downtown to listen to Sean Jones. Myers Pier is great, the marina is situated here and you can access a beautiful waterfront walk as well as stop at the Pier Bar and Grill for a drink or bite to eat. I forgot to mention it was about 36 Celsius and hot, I think that’s about 96 Fahrenheit. We are finally getting summer!

So that was our weekend, hope your weekend was wonderful and see you soon!

10 thoughts on “Belleville’s 1st Ever Downtown Caribbean Festival”

  1. This looks like a fun time and a pretty area Susan – so picturesque with the boats. I remember you mentioned Trenton which is where you live (or nearby where you live) and we have Trenton, Michigan. Well today I was in three metroparks. They are fairly close – most people bike from one to another on the paved trail (and even do a longer bike path on a trail which goes all the way to Lake Erie Metropark … the entire bike path is 49 miles … anyway, now I digress because two of the parks are in Belleville! What a coincidence there.

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