Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…Provoking Lake and Pond Lake

We like this trail which leads to Provoking Lake and there is an off shoot that overlooks Lake of Two Rivers lake. It’s a bit of a hike but for the most part, the trail is okay. A few sketchy parts especially going up to the Lookout. This is a portage trail that goes from Lake of 2 Rivers lake to Provoking lake and we did pass two fellas lugging a canoe to the lake as we were leaving.

Provoking Lake shoreline below

You can also access this lake by hiking the Highland Backpacking trail and there are camping sites all around the shoreline of Provoking Lake where you can camp. There are no other portages from here to any other lake.

Just before you get to this lake, there is a trail to the right and it heads up and up and then down and then back up again until you get to the lookout spot which overlooks Starling Lake. There are a couple of sketchy parts but we made it!

Another day we put our canoe in on Kearney Lake and paddled to the far corner and decided to walk the portage to Pond Lake. It was not a long walk, maybe just over a km but it hasn’t been used much so was pretty overgrown and lots of rocks and roots to get over.

We do enjoy our trails and we walked a couple every day we were in Algonquin Park this fall. Except the rainy days, I don’t do rainy days lol

That’s it for now, stay safe and see you soon….

12 thoughts on “Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…Provoking Lake and Pond Lake”

  1. Beautiful colors – those yellow leaves and all the leaves on the ground. Yikes, the one board to walk on, but I’ve seen that too for rustic trails. It beats a muddy trail and where you sink into the mud. I’m not one for rainy days either because I took the bus to Downtown Detroit for years, so lots of days waiting on the bus, to and from work, in nasty weather conditions. Now, working from home for eleven years, that’s not an issue. A woman at the Park walks no matter if it rains or not, just takes an umbrella. Nope, I said I’d change my ways – not yet though.

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    1. If I get stuck out in the rain, I can deal with it but I don’t voluntarily go out in it. I always take a walking stick on hikes, my balance isn’t terrific. Especially walking on things like that one board!

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      1. Same here because I listen to several weather forecasters plus check online sites (weather obsessed sometimes) and still can get caught in the rain, but don’t go out voluntarily either. Yes, one board over mud and that’s like walking a balance beam. 🙂

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