Just some Mallard Ducks……….

I have been working on some photos and blogs of our summer, I know it’s almost Christmas ! lol I have had other things to take care of so I am just now starting to get things sorted out. But in the meantime, I thought I would share some duck photos that I took at various locations over the summer. I love sitting in our canoe and watching them and getting shots of them in their natural habitat. I have been doing less cropping to show the animal/bird/duck up close and trying to incorporate more of the location in some of my shots as you will see from some below. I think the duck ones came out pretty well.

9 thoughts on “Just some Mallard Ducks……….”

  1. I like either way that you do your pictures Susan. I really like Mallards. For the most part they don’t spook and pose nicely. That one does look like it’s arranging its hair in a mirror. 🙂 The pond lilies were floating by – if only we were looking at pond lilies now. I have yet to embark on pictures taken from July thru the end of October with the DSLR. It was easier to grab the compact digital sometimes and the whole series at Heritage Park was taken with the small camera. I’m caught up with that photo card, now to wade through the other photos which will likely take me until Spring to get them published, so I feel for you.

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    1. Thank you Linda, I like both ways too! Yes I wish we were looking at pond lillies too instead of cold and snow ! I prefer the 3 other seasons. I take way too many photos, I have been going back and going through older photos the last couple of days, I have so many and I really don’t need 37 of the same duck lol.

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      1. We have another reprieve with this weather and enjoyed almost 60 degrees today after the wintry mix and two inches of snow on Sunday. Crazy weather, but I will take it – we’ll pay for it once Winter gets here. I also take too many photos Susan and when I get back from walking tomorrow, I am going to start going through the photos taken beginning in July. It is fun to see those shots all these months later but like you, I got into the habit of taking at least two of the same picture in case one didn’t come out, or I jiggled the camera, especially if I was standing on uneven surface or it was windy.
        Then I zoom in/out and see if that’s going to look better. It will take me a long time to go through and sort out those photos. I come home with pictures sometimes and wonder why I took so many that look the same, especially with the squirrels. If I spend an entire day going through pictures, I tell myself “one picture, maybe two – don’t do this again!!” 🙂

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      2. It has been raining here all day, our snow is all gone now. And milder temperatures too, what’s going on? lol I always take to many photos, I need to stop myself but it’s not easy!


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