Local Fun during the Dreaded Winter Months….more snow coming tomorrow !! Yay???

This is a random photo. It is the Bay Bridge that goes across the Bay of Quinte from Belleville to Prince Edward County. I live just west of Belleville. We have a beautiful waterfront with trails, playgrounds, boat launches and more. Clint and I went for a walk a while back and I snapped this with my cell phone.

So we have been out and about a few times lately, it’s still winter and we need to get out and keep busy during this depressing time of year. (I am not a fan of winter, my husband says I am a bad Canadian lol )

For Valentines Day I had purchased tickets for us to go to the Belleville Club in downtown Belleville. If you are local and haven’t been here, I love this building and you should go at least once. It was established in 1914 and has always been the Belleville Club. You can get a membership for the year with lots of member benefits or you can just go to the occasional event. Our tickets for this particular evening were $25 each and with that you received 2 glasses of wine and a lovely dessert, for each person. It was a little sad as there were only 9 people there and that included the bartender, but we had a wonderful time and met some interesting people.

Another place that we love to go to is the Old Church Theatre. It is about a 20 minute drive from our house and is our favourite entertainment venue. The Church was built in 1876 and well I won’t tell you more. If you click the link, above you can see a short video on this wonderful spot. This is NOT my video by the way. We go to this venue quite a lot and I am so happy it’s located in our area.

So about two weeks ago we were there to see Russell DeCarle. If you don’t know who he is, well, let me tell you……. he was the lead vocalist and bassist of the iconic Canadian country roots band Prairie Oyster. He’s not in the band now but he still entertains and makes records. He has won many awards, put out many records, he is a very talented man.

This past Friday evening we went again to the Old Church but this time they recreated the old game show What’s My Line. If you know it, you’re old (like me), if you don’t know it, here is the premise in a nutshell. You have a panel of people who ask questions of one individual to determine their occupation. The church has a balcony so the individuals were sitting up top (kind of hidden away) and the rest of us, including the panel were on the main floor. One at a time a person would come down from the balcony, write their name on a board and then get asked questions. The panel had 10 chances to figure it out. Oh yes, they always have one mystery guest who is most likely well known and when he/she comes on, the panelists have to wear blindfolds so they can’t see the person and then they ask their questions. It was a lot of fun for sure and they are planning to do it again.

Last but not least we headed downtown Belleville yesterday to do Savour the Chill. The city of Belleville has this event every year and it’s very popular. Different restaurants in the downtown core, I believe there were 13 restaurants participating this year, make soup. You bring your own spoon and pay $3.00 a bowl and they give you a small styrofoam cup with soup. Now the restaurants all have a different flavour of soup and believe me it can be filling! I think we did 6 or 7 places. It was unfortunate because we didn’t go downtown until 1230, the event ran from 12-3 pm, and the first restaurant we stopped at had already run out of soup and it was only 1240. As I mentioned, this event happens every year and it’s hugely popular and every year, certain restaurants run out of soup within the first hour and that’s baffling to me. But the soups we had were delicious. Bourbon Street Pizza had a Broccoli Cheddar Bacon soup.

Quinte Corner restaurant had a No Meat Chili. Inside of the Quinte Corner restaurant, below.

At The Lark, we had a surprise soup and I forgot to ask what it was but it was my favourite, it was really tasty. The Lark is a really cute restaurant inside as you can see from below photo.

We also had soups from Capers, Paulo’s & Dinkels and Gourmet Diem. I think that was it but other restaurants involved were, Jim’s Pizzeria, Chilangos, Burger Revolution, Toro Sushi, 116 Bistro, Export Grill, Sans Souci. It was a fun afternoon and even though it was snowing, we dressed warm and off we went with our spoons. Except for Quinte Corners where you could sit inside, you had to eat outside.

We finished off the day by stopping for a beer at Meyer’s Creek Brewing Company where we met friends and had a great visit and great beer!

So that’s that, this is what we have been up to lately, all fun stuff!

Stay warm everyone, unless you are in a warm climate………then stay cool !

17 thoughts on “Local Fun during the Dreaded Winter Months….more snow coming tomorrow !! Yay???”

  1. Wow, this town has so many great eats! I would love to sample all of the different soups, yum! I remember watching that TV called What’s My Line! I just dated myself. I love the photo of the bridge, it has a nice curve, and the ice looks inviting for ice skating. ❤️🇨🇦❤️

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  2. What a beautiful place to have Valentines dinner! We need to get the stamina to go out into the cold, if I offer to go to all of these places to eat, we will be out of here! The Old Church Theatre sounds like a fun place! I love the idea of the surprise soup. What a fun pace to visit!

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  3. You are making the best of the humdrum days of Winter … all this looks very fun to me and what a great way until you can set out on solid footing and enjoy nature again. This looked like a fun place to go and I like how they served the whipped cream on that dessert. Must be heavy whipping cream as the stick with the love sign didn’t fall over. That’s a beautiful scene with the bridge crossing the icy waters. I wish Friday’s storm was the last of Winter’s siege, but we have another bout of icy precip coming in early Monday morning. I am heading out shortly to tackle what didn’t melt and get a walk … the old “get going while the gettin’s good.”

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    1. We had a wowza storm Friday night, thunder and lightening too! in the middle of the blizzard. We received about 32 cm or more (12-14 inches). Now today it’s like spring out, temperature wise. There is not consistency to this winter weather at all. I hope you don’t get too much tomorrow, we aren’t supposed to get any more snow for a few days.

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      1. That thunder snow we had too and lighning as well … but you had twice as much snow as we got in my area. Wow! very weird weather and I’m hearing we are going to having a very hot Summer. Ugh. Muggy and buggy. But you probably say, just like I do, I won’t complain about the heat again after this awful Winter!

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      2. Hot summer eh? I guess that will be okay, I just hope it’s not windy, I find the winds have been so strong and frequent the last couple of years. That’s what ruins my summer! It’s hard to canoe when there are whitecaps on every lake.

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      3. Yes, we’ve had a very windy Winter – more so than usual. Maybe I notice it more because we had so little snow so I was out more. I remember you had a recent post where you said you either turned back or didn’t go out as you could see the whitecaps and we could see it in the photo. It’s always something!

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