Voyageur Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One

We hadn’t been to this Park before either so we were looking forward to it and seeing what was in the area. This is a big park with 4 beaches, 2 dog beaches and 2 trails. The Park is on the Ottawa River which is the place to go for kayaking, canoeing, SUPs or floaties. The sites are pretty big and private, some aren’t, but it’s still got some great sites.

We didn’t spend a lot of time at the park. One day we drove to Parc Omega in the Province of Quebec, it’s only about a 40 minute drive. We also spent some time with friends who live somewhat close and when we left them, we stopped at Beau’s Brewery. They make some great beer and they now have a Distillery on site called Dunrobin Distilleries. This is all in my next Post!

When we were in the Park, we did a lot of walking around and here are some photos.

Next post, Parc Omega dans (in) Quebec. If you haven’t been here and are anywhere near the area, it’s a pretty cool park.

Stay safe…..

14 thoughts on “Voyageur Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One”

  1. There was Trum pondering life and yes, that bunny had a mischievous look didn’t he? I didn’t know Jays ate apples though we had parakeets and canaries who loved a thin slice of apple in their treat clip. Years ago when we first moved here, my parents bought some tomato plants in a corner of the yard which was really sunny – it was the first and only garden as the big birds would peck the tomatoes then leave them and the squirrels would take one bite and throw them away!

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      1. I have a friend who lives in North Carolina. She planted cherry tomatoes for salads and put them in bit pots on her deck to keep critters from eating them. The squirrel, however, climbed up the pot, pulled the tomatoes off and ate half, thru the rest away, so she put Tabasco sauce on each one, painstakingly painting it on each cherry tomato. She finally gave up and buys them at the store now!

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