Rideau River Provincial Park – July 2022, Part Two

We did a few day trips from Rideau River Provincial Park, one being Rideau Canal. The Rideau Canal is quite something, it’s about 202 kms and connects our Nation’s Capital, Ottawa, with other communities right down to Lake Ontario, in Kingston, Ontario.

We also drove into Eganville one day and they had a terrific outdoor market going on. We purchased a few things, I do love a good outdoor market. And they had a Guitar store with a unique sign beside their building. We went by a few times and I tried to get a photo with no cars in front of it but that was not possible.

If you haven’t been to Merrickville, it’s a really wonderful little town, set right on the Canal and so picturesque.

So all in all, I liked the area but the park, not so much. I would camp there again though to be able to tour around the area a little more.

That’s it for our summer adventures, we are now heading home to get ready for our month long Fall trip to Algonquin, which I already blogged about lol. I love going through my Algonquin photos, they are always a priority.

See you again soon…

14 thoughts on “Rideau River Provincial Park – July 2022, Part Two”

  1. This looks like still another fun trip. I have heard of the Canal, maybe from your posts. I was in Kingston when I was young – I remember family photos taken there. That was an up close photo of Trum – how did I miss those cool sunglasses before?

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      1. I didn’t think I noticed them before – they are very cute. I hope you show us the backpack. I collect bears and I have a hiking bear with a backpack and hiking boots and used him in a post one time. I’ll send you his pic to see, though you can’t see his backpack as he is wearing it, in another post. (Don’t read the post, just look at B.W.)

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      2. I had 52 bears until I got out of control where to put them, although some were/are small. I took a photo of them all one time and one year at Christmas I want to do a post about the bears. My mom bought me a Boyd’s Bears Ceramic Christmas tree and a tapestry jacket that has the same design as the tree. So I’d like to do a post on bears. I have not put up any decorations at Christmas in years, so I’d like to do that again – maybe when retired. I am going to do the Mother’s Day post on the felt monkey my mom made back in the late 30s. I bought the materials to make a new tail. Now to get it done. I am doing a guest post for Mother’s Day for another blogger who follows “In Diane’s Kitchen” – she is a cooking blogger, so I guess I should get crackin’ on fixing him and writing the post which I’ll use on my own blog. He has some seams open which, given its age, I have to watch it doesn’t tear.

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      3. My bears have encroached big time … they are in several rooms now. They keep me young at heart. 🙂 We have followed one another for about five years. I am not a good cook, nor baker like Diane though.

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      4. Ah he’s cute! Those little boots are adorable. I did read your post, that was not a good time for you. It always seems when one thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong. ☹️

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      5. Yes it was not a good year at all and 2017 was a year of things breaking in the house. I spent most of the Summer cleaning up after three plumbing issues downstairs and whole house insulation – my Summer was a blur. I had a similar year of things breaking or going awry in 2022. Too bad you couldn’t see his little backpack in this photo – those hiking books clinched it for getting him. Very cute and I was not walking/hiking at that time.

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