Rideau River Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One

On the way to Rideau River Provincial Park, we drove through the town of Carp and stopped for lunch at Ridge Rock Brewery. This is a great spot, great food, the staff is friendly and the food was pretty good.

Back to Rideau River Provincial Park! This is not one of my favourite parks but it was okay. There are things to do in the area which is great because not much to do in the Park. Clint and I aren’t ones to sit on the beach or sit around, we always like to be doing something or going someplace. They have a beach and one trail and paddling on the Rideau River. There are about 200 sites in the park with only 1/4 of them having electricity. Our site was typical although the site right behind us seemed really close so it was just okay.

We also left the Park different days to check out the Rideau Canal and a drive to Merrickville and Kemptville. Read about that in the next Post!

9 thoughts on “Rideau River Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One”

  1. Nice to see the green. I like the wooden docks that go right to the water. I would not be a beach person either. I have a friend who is in Hawaii right now with his wife – he turned 70 this week, so they went to celebrate. It was pretty, but the biggest draw for me (and I think it seemed for him) was stepping out the hotel onto a deck where pods of dolphins swam.

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