Fitzroy Provincial Park – July 2022, Part Two

Empty beach (except for me). Still at Fitzroy Provincial Park and we were happy to run into some friends who were also camping there. We took some long walks with them and shared a couple of campfires/drinks with them. We really enjoyed their company and we had a lot of fun, thanks Derek and Diane! (and Piper, they have the most adorable dog)

One day we went out of the Park and ended up at two breweries and a Conservation Area. Arnprior is about 15 minute drive away and it’s a town with lots of shopping, restaurants etc. We went to Arnprior a couple of times to check out the Lumberjack Ale House. Great little spot and the food and drinks were also great.

Fitzroy Harbour is only about 5 minute drive outside the Park but there is not too much there. They do, however, have a nice Conservation Area, Morris Island Conservation Area which we did not investigate because the day we stopped there it started raining, a regular deluge. Our friends told us they had went there the day after we the Park and said it was great. Next time…

Pakenham is maybe 25-30 minute drive from the Park and we stopped in at Cartwright Springs Brewery for a look. The guy who owned it was really friendly and he had some pretty good beer too.

We also stopped in Almonte, about a 30 minute drive, to check out Crooked Mile Brewery. It was a cute spot but I just read recently that they permanently closed. So many businesses are closing for lack of staff, financial reasons, it’s very sad.

On one of our drives, somewhere in the area, we came across these little birds so I shall end this post with bird photos I took. See you next time!

11 thoughts on “Fitzroy Provincial Park – July 2022, Part Two”

  1. Beautiful shots even the dark and dreary day which was compensated for with the Goldfinch. Was the deer at the side of the road trying to reach the most-tender leaves at the top? Great shot of him/her at that angle. That’s too bad about all these small breweries and eateries closing … a down economy thanks to Covid, now three years ago.

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      1. Yes, I don’t think it will ever go away.
        Those tenderest bits are like deer candy. A fellow blogger lives in B.C. and takes photos of bears. He sometimes gets bear cubs too – very sweet. So the bears discover barnacles and fungi on tree and he had a Mom and cub nibbling all along a big log – he got some great shots as they chowed down!

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  2. How nice that you ran into friends and spent time together! Special memories. 🏕️ The logs stacked against the tree is a bit strange. 🤔 Just how many breweries are there in Canada? 😁 🍻

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    1. Yes we had a great time with our friends. Well we are in Canada and we love our beer lol so there are lots, I think there are over 400 just in the province of Ontario! We have probably have 20 just in our area and we’ve tried ’em all !

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