Fitzroy Provincial Park – July 2022, Part One

Fitzroy Provincial Park, another new park for us. Lots of ’em this summer. I think they are rabbits, they just keep popping up. This park is about a 2 hour drive East of Voyageur Park so not too far of a drive. Our site was okay, we were on a loop and at the end just before the road curved was our site so it took us a bit to back the trailer in to our site but the site was okay. No one behind us or on one side of us. There are about 200 sites in the park, some by the water and a lot without electricity.

This park only has 2 short trails but you can spend lots of time walking around the campgrounds, it’s very big and is a lovely park to walk around. They have a nice day use, boat launch and beaches. And guess what? We are still on the Ottawa River ! and in fact just across and to the right of the boat launch is the Ontario Power Generation Chats Falls site. We paddled a couple of times and we sat at the Boat Launch area one day and I floated around the river on my floatie. The beach area was PACKED so we always look for alternative places to plop our chairs.

I have a second short Post on Fitzroy coming up soon! We are almost headed home….

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