McGregor Provincial Park


McGregor Provincial Park was the first stop on our Lake Superior Circle Tour.  It took about 5-6 hours to get here.  With stops of course.  We had site 223 which was an okay site; this is a busy park.  You can do a lot of biking in McGregor Park and there are lots of trails to hike.  I don’t know about paddling on Lake Huron but the  Saugeen River is close by.

Drove around Port Elgin and then on to Southhampton.   Southhampton has a brewery right downtown, Outlaw Brewery.    So they only had two beers on tap and the place was messy; like they just moved in messy and the staff not too friendly.  Did they just open?  Not sure; they were not a talkative bunch !  I finally just asked for a tasting after lurking around the counter for a good 15 minutes and she gave me one small glass of beer.  But my  husband and some other people were standing there and they got nothing! Guess they should have asked. lol   So we all kinda of wandered around like lost souls and then just left.  So I dunno……….maybe they were  having a bad day or they have too many customers and didn’t need US !  I don’t even remember what their beer tasted like now.

We did eat lunch at the Walker House in Southhampton and that was a very nice spot; we sat out on the patio and we had a nice lunch.  The building was the Royal Hotel built in 1852 originally.  Nice looking building.  Service was excellent and food was good.

We went to Bruce Power and watched 2 movies and walked around admiring all their displays.  I thought I would be bored but it was actually very interesting and I learned a lot.

My husband had read that Lord Elgin’s  restaurant, in Port Elgin, was voted 2nd best in Canada for fish and chips; according to Canadian Living magazine. So of course, we had to try it !  I don’t know how they vote who has the best or worst; it was good but honestly I don’t think I have ever been to a fish and chip place that wasn’t good.



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