Lake Superior Circle Tour

Lake Superior Circle Tour

2016 – We left mid July to start our Lake Superior Circle Tour; staying at 14 Provincial Parks Ontario, 1 Provincial Park Manitoba, 2 National Parks, 2 US State Parks and 7 private campgrounds.

The landscape, scenery and shorelines were incredible in some of the spots we visited.  The water and beaches in some of the spots would equal those in the Caribbean.  We started off heading towards Lake Huron to McGregor Provincial park, Bruce National park and then Manitoulin Island prior to going around the “Circle”.  It took us 3 months, because we are slow !  But you can sure do this trip in a lot less time.  Also, we took a side trip to Winnipeg which was worth the extra driving.

So just a few facts that I found interesting……..Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes in surface area and volume.  It could contain all the other Great Lakes PLUS three more lakes the size of Lake Erie, no problem !  It is also the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area and the world’s THIRD largest freshwater lake by volume ! whew…….Lake Superior is surrounded by Ontario, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The first French explorers approaching the great inland sea by way of the Ottawa River/Lake Huron named it le lac superieur. Properly translated, the expression means “Upper Lake,” or the lake above Lake Huron.  Kitchi-gummi, a Chippewa Indian translation, signifies Great-water or Great-lake.  Remember the Gordon Lightfoot tune ?

We stayed at the following places, listed in separate blog entries.  Ontario Provincial parks – McGregor; Pancake Bay; Lake Superior Agawa; Lake Superior Rabbit Blanket; Neys; Rainbow Falls; Sleeping Giant; Kakabeka Falls; Quetico; Caliper; Rushing River; Chutes; Grundy and Algonquin.  Manitoba Provincial Park – Birdhill.  National Parks were Bruce Peninsula and Pukaskwa and State Parks Porcupine Mountains (Porkies) and Fort Wilkins. We also stayed in 7 private campgrounds. ( I will be blogging about each Park on separate blogs )

Lake Superior Circle Tour

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