Neys Provincial Park

neys22016 – We love Neys Provincial Park.  Did you know it used to be a German POW camp in WW2?  The camp held hundreds of German POWs from 1941-1946.  I read that Neys is a biblical term for refuge.  I wonder if the POWs thought that. Fascinating history and there are still remnants of the old camp.

The Parks staff here are terrific.  They took us on an early evening tour of the old POW camp and spoke on the history of the Park.  Interesting stuff.  Not much left to see but there are still foundations of the barracks, mess hall etc.  They also did a showing of a movie on the Group of Seven one evening.  Beautiful park with the most interesting shoreline.  Great hike on the Under the Volcano Trail.  Pirates Cove is a great spot for a swim, actually there are many spots on this shoreline that are perfect for a swim.  Campgrounds are nice and we had a site right across the road from the water.  This part of the campground was pretty open but they also have wooded sites.  Great park.  If you go back to the highway and down the road, you can visit Mink Creek Falls.  One of the nicer waterfall areas I have been to.  It was extremely difficult to find, in fact the first time we went, we didn’t find it.  But I googled “how to locate Falls” and came across a pretty good website for finding waterfalls in North America; if you are into that kind of thing, and we are !  Now the guy who did this website only lists waterfalls he has personally been to, so you may not find every waterfall you are looking for.  But I must say, he has been to A LOT !   But I digress, so after finding this website, we did find Minkcreek Falls, which was great because when we got there, there were no signs and no trail head.  But it’s well worth the hike in, a short hike to the falls and you can go to the top and follow along other trails until you get to the bottom.  Great spot.

Neys Provincial Park

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