Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Rainbow Falls is a nice park.  The town of Schreiber is fairly close for supplies.  There are two campgrounds in this park.  We were in Whitesand Lake Campground located on the north side of Hwy 17.  These sites are wooded and somewhat private.  About 5 km down the road is the Rossport Campground on the south side of Hwy 17.  It’s a small campground but is located on the shores of Lake Superior so there is that.  We enjoyed the Whitesand Campground, site 16 with hydro I might add.

We did drive towards Schreiber one day and stopped at Aguasabon Falls, you take a long boardwalk to the falls.  You really do not have a terrific view of the falls but there is a big gorge there which is somewhat impressive.

We drove into Rossport one day and had lunch at a little place, very colourful place I might add, called Serendipity Gardens.  They have great food, I mean GREAT food.  I would absolutely go back if they weren’t so far away !

Rainbow Falls in the park is quite nice.  There are different spots you can get to in order to view the falls/rapids.  And a bench to sit on, which is quite a nice spot to relax in the evening.

dscn3586We did a trail they call the Back 40 trail.  It looked to us as though it used to be another campground years ago and left to the vegetation now.  At one point, there was another trail veering off this one called the LookOut Trail. I generally stay away from anything with the work LookOut in it as I know exactly what that means to me physically.  Up, Up and more Up until you can’t take it anymore !   Anyways we did it.  I didnt’ think I would finish but my husband went ahead and yelled out there is a book up here to sign that you have done the trail.  Well nuts, now I have to finish.  So I did.  There is actually a sign at the top that says “Trail Ends Here” as IF anyone would want to voluntarily go any further !  lol  A beautiful view of Whitesand Lake and Lake Superior.  Anyways, back down we went to finish the Back 40 Trail.  It was a good day.

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