Caliper Lake Provincial Park

siteWell I guess I should say something about Caliper Lake Provincial Park.  We arrived here early afternoon one day and it was raining and we were only staying one night so…….what can I say?  I came here to see pelicans as Caliper Lake is known for pelicans; but we didn’t see any.  So don’t mind me, I think I am annoyed at the pelican-less state of this park !

The sites, for us, weren’t the nicest.  Lots of pad slopes and trees and narrow sites.  So I guess it’s a good thing we only stayed one night.  The area is nice though.

We did see a Black Duck and 3 deer !  I guess that’s something.  We also took a quick drive to and through Sioux Narrows Provincial Park.   situated on Lake of the Woods lake.  Nice spot.

We stopped at the town of Nestor Falls to see their Claim to Fame; also called  Nestor Falls !  And then we moved on………….

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