Rushing River Provincial Park

rushing riverRushing River Provincial Park is a beautiful park.  We arrived on 6 September 2016 and there was hardly anyone at the park.  I would say less than 20 sites were taken.   She gave us site 75 which she said was the nicest and it was !  We were overlooking Dogtooth Lake.  Beautiful spot.  FYI – This park is only 2-3 hour drive  to Winnipeg.

We booked our site at the gatehouse and drove away to go to our site and had to stop as a whole “herd” of ruffed grouse were strutting around finding their dinner – on the middle of the road !  They are so cute, I always call them chickens as they move like chickens !  We always keep our cameras on the front seat so we had a great opportunity to take some photos.  We set up and wandered around the campground.  The river really does rush, hence the name I figure !   We saw one lone duck in the river.  Pretty cute little guy.



This park is close to Kenora so if you need some groceries, other supplies that’s the spot to go to.  We drove around Kenora as there were supposed to be pelicans but we didn’t see any and we drove around A LOT.  I know, me and my pelicans…………enough already.

We had lunch at the Cornerstone restaurant downtown Kenora.  Nice restaurant and their Cornerstone salad is delightful.  I did not add a link to this restaurant as I could not find a webpage.  They are probably on trip advisor and Facebook though.

We spotted a deer laying in the grass by a parking lot, strange.  All the cars parking and coming and going and she just laid there.  Hope she wasn’t sick; she seemed okay.  We walked around the park by the lake for quite a while and when we left, she had left so I guess she was just having a rest.



They have a huge fish statue, Huskie the Muskie by the water.  Cute.

Then of course there be breweries  here !  I got excited too soon – Lake on the Woods Brewery  was closed for today only.  Figures…………It looked super nice too.  And we are not able to come another day.

We drove to Blue Lake Provincial Park, what a nice park !  I may have said that phrase a few too many times but honestly almost all of Ontario Parks are nice or great !  And again, less than a dozen sites were taken.  Beautiful there, long sandy beach, crystal clear water.

Vermillion Bay is a cute place, Clint spotted a bakery so of course we went in.  He feels much the same way about bakeries and pastry shops as I do about breweries.  (He likes breweries too though !)

We actually drove out to the dump, I know….  Why?  Well because you can spot wildlife out there if you’re lucky !  lol we weren’t lucky that day.  Although we did see another bald eagle on the way back from the dump.

Clint’s Photos 



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