Kenora, Ontario and Thunder Bay, Ontario – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported AB to Home-8_01
Rushing River Provincial Park in Ontario

Wednesday 25 September  – Drove to Kenora, Ontario and stayed at Rushing River Provincial Park, again we didn’t even unhook.  It was a rainy kind of day and we arrived very late.  This park is self serve this time of year, only a handful of campers here.

We have stayed here before and it’s a lovely park.  Not a big park but they have canoeing and trails and the campground is very nice.  You can read more at this link!                                  


Early the next morning, we left for Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Drove to Thunder Bay KOA.  Set up and wanted to go to Kabab Village to eat but when we got there, it was closed, permanently.  That’s too bad, it was a nice restaurant and great food.  We drove to Oriental Gardens for dinner instead.  We have been to both before and both are good, or in the case of the Kabab Village WAS good.  Over to Sleeping Giant Brewery for a beer and we had a relaxed time in some comfy chairs chatting to a guy visiting from the States.  There was  a big event going on here that day.  It was nice to relax and watch the people and chat.

If you want to learn more about this area, we have been here before.  You can read about some things to do and adventures to take at this link……….


Tomorrow we are off to Wawa, Ontario!

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