Wawa, Ontario – Big Trip 2019

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Sandhill Crane, Wawa, Ontario

Friday 27 September  –  Got to Wawa and just outside of Wawa, we spotted a farmers field filled with Sandhill Cranes, Canada Geese and ducks !   Of course we pulled over and got out and spent a fair amount of time photographing all these cool birds.

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My husband is the best photographer I know and he sometimes likes to get a little more artsy when he edits his photos, here are two of his painted photos, below.

Alberta Home-7_01

Alberta Home-6_01

We left and drove on to Agawa Campground which is part of  Lake Superior Provincial Park.   Again, we didn’t unhook.  Just sat outside for a bit and walked a bit on the beach.

We have been here before and spent quite a bit of time around the Lake Superior area.

You can read more at this Blog post.  We did the Lake Superior Circle Tour one year, took us about 4 months!  It was a great trip.    Lake Superior Circle Tour – Agawa Campground

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Lake Superior Provincial Park, Agawa Campground
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Lake Superior shoreline at Agawa campground

Well we are just about done our trip for this year, off to North Bay, Ontario tomorrow and then the day after that, we’ll be home…………….

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