North Bay, Ontario -Big Trip 2019

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Copperhead Distillery

Saturday 28 September  – When we arrived in the area, we stayed at Fairview RV Park, we also didn’t unhook the trailer that night either.  It was early evening when we arrived and set up so we just sat outside and played backgammon and had a little stroll around the area.   I think there was maybe 2-3 other people here.  This is a nice place, kind of out in the sticks but nice.  There is a little river running through the campground.  We could hear ducks but couldn’t find them.

Sunday 29 September –  Heading home today.  On the way out of the North Bay area, we stopped at Highlander Brewery so Clint could get a couple of cases of his favourite Porter.   They had some nice wall quilts on the wall, makes me want to start quilting again!

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Then we walked across the road and ate at a diner. We have eaten here before and they make a nice lunch.  We kept driving and stopped at Copperhead Distillery, located in Sundridge.  We tried some and bought some for Clint and for Christmas presents.  This is a cute place and the guy running it was friendly and easy to talk to.  They have good products here for sure.  If you follow them on Intagram, they regularly post some pretty awesome recipes too.

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Inside Copperhead Distillery

Well, back in the truck and heading home, we’re on our last leg of our journey.  We made it home by 6 pm.  Sad to say our trip is done.

BUT!  We are only home again until 10 October then we are off to Algonquin Park for a couple of weeks,  I can’t wait, one of my favourite places to go.


2 thoughts on “North Bay, Ontario -Big Trip 2019”

    1. I have posted about North Bay in the past! We have been there several times and yes we did enjoy it. Unfortunately this trip, Clint was having back issues and just wanted to get home. 😊


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