Lake Superior Provincial Park (Agawa)

dscn3336Lake Superior Provincial park has two campgrounds, some distance from each other.  We decided to stay for a bit at Agawa Campground and then move on down the highway to Rabbit Blanket campground.

So the sites are smallish and not so private and most of them are along Highway 17.  Our site was okay but the people beside us had a longer trailer and their site was a horseshoe shape.  Know what I mean?  So long story, we were sitting and have a beer and heard the most horrible sound so my husband went to see what happened or if anyone was hurt.  Well their  trailer was too long.  It could not turn the curve and hit a tree and got wedged kind of.  Hard to explain.  So Clint drove the man to the Gate to see if they could get the tree taken down. That was a big to do !  They had to put paperwork through yadda yadda.  Long story short, they had to tie off the tree and try to pull it back enough to get the trailer loose.  Yes there was damage done and anyone who pulls a trailer will feel the pain of those people.

We went to Pictograph cove, beautiful area.  Took a trail down to the Pictographs. There are  35 red ochre images are visible and you can walk to them. Well more like climbing and clinging onto the rock face. If the Lake is not calm, you will not be able to access the ledge to see the pictures.  I did not go as the rocks were super slippery and it was steep and whine whine whine……….I stayed at the top on the ledge where we had a nice view of Lake Superior and talked to the Park Ranger that was there to answer any questions.  I HAD ONE !   So here was my question – Has anyone ever died climbing down to this ledge to view the pictographs?  Yes, in the eighties, two people were on the ledge and a rogue wave came along and swept them away.  That was a sad story and reinforced MY decision to stay safe !  Plus I’m a chicken……….

You can also see the pictographs from a boat/canoe/kayak from the water.  We did go to a cove which was beautiful and had a little canoe paddle in the cove but to go out on Lake Superior, nope.  She’s a beautiful, fickle lake !  The weather can change in a heartbeat so we just had fun paddling around this cove that was quite sheltered.

If you go to this area, you have to go to the Bathtub Island.  It’s about 1/2 – km from Katherines Cove.  No parking, no signs.  Just see all the cars parked on the highway, pull in and walk towards the Lake, you’ll find it.  You can walk right out to the island, the water is very shallow and the bottom sandy.  Beautiful spot.

We did the Pinguisibi trail on the Sand River.  Beautiful trail; about 6 km return following along a river, cascades, small waterfalls and forest.

We also did the Trappers Trail, short little walk around a lake.  I didn’t make that sound exciting did I?  Well, it wasn’t………..

Spent a lot of time on the beach at this park, the waves were huge !  There are so many different places to swim or lay on the beach.  Love this area.



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