Munising, Michigan

pic-rocks-5We did not stay in Munising but we did stop there to do the Pictured Rocks boat tour.  If you are in the area, this is a must-see (in my opinion) and I don’t even LIKE boats so if I recommend it, then that’s something.  This is well worth the stop.     Pictured Rocks Cruises


grand-island-east-channel-lighthouse Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located on the south shore of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula between Munising and Grand Marais. This is a photo of Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse.  Built in the summer of 1868, its a wooden lighthouse which was “retired” 29 October 1908. In it’s hey day it was painted white but now is left looking very rustic.   It has been taken over by the East Channel Lighthouse Rescue committee.




The geologic formations of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore are represented by the 50-200 ft. sandstone cliffs, extending more than 15 miles along the shoreline. Sea caves, arches, blowholes, turrets, stone spires, and other features have been sculpted from these cliffs over the centuries by waves and weather.
The name “Pictured Rocks” comes from the streaks of mineral stain that decorate the cliffs. These colours occur when groundwater oozes out of cracks and trickles down the rock face. Iron (red and orange), copper (blue and green), manganese (brown and black), and limonite (white) are among the most common color-producing minerals.



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