Newberry, Michigan

After Munising, we drove to Newberry and stayed at Kritters North Country RV Park!  Nope, no critters in the park but it was a nice park.  Its a normal type campground, all of us all in rows.   Lots of great things to do in this area.

We drove to Whitefish Point to see the Shipwreck Museum.  Lots to see, several buildings to go through and they had people stationed here and there to answer questions and tell the history.  We watched a video on the Edmund Fitzgerald as the ship had sunk off (quite a ways off) Whitefish Point.  They actually have the bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald in their museum.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park –      This state Park encompasses 50,000 acres and is home to Tahquamenon River and waterfalls.  We wanted to view the Upper Tahquamenon Falls which has a 50 foot drop and is more than 200 feet across.  The water at this particular waterfall was distinct.  The water was reddish-brown due to tannins leaching from the cedar swamps from which the river drains.  Truly unusual.  And the foam, lots and lots of foam.  When you enter the park there is a large Visitor Centre which houses a gift shop, restaurant and ……………Ta Da !  A brewery !   Helloooo Ontario Provincial parks, take note.  Tahquamenon Falls Brewery

Oswalds Bear Ranch –  Well what can I say about this place?  It also is unique.  However, unlike Bears R Us Sanctuary in Ontario, they do not release the bears back into the wild.  I believe they have approximately 29 bears now that live in 4 different habitats.  I do not understand why they can’t release the bears back into the wild.  I wanted to go to Oswalds but I didn’t really look into what the place was all about so when we left,  I left feeling very sad.  I actually don’t have anything more to say about Oswalds.

Please do check out Bears R Us Sanctuary’s website.  Lots of great information on bears.  You cannot visit this sanctuary because their goal is to release the bears back into the wild so they want them to have as little human contact as possible.  Kudos to them.

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