Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Grundy Provincial Park

2016  – What can I say about Grundy Lake Provincial Park?  It’s our second favourite Park.  Trum loves driving around the park.  There are nine campgrounds and they also offer back country camping.  We do back country camping but we have not done it in this park.  However, it hasn’t been ruled out !  If you have not done back country camping before, this would be a great “starter” park.

Lots of great lakes to paddle on and although they do not offer a lot of trails, the landscape is such that you can do a lot of exploring on your own.    They have some great beaches if you like beaches.  Apparently there was a bear wandering here and there around the campgrounds; we did not see him, or her.  However, we did see swans; there are normally 2 swans that hang around Gurd Lake, which is where some campgrounds are located.  We paddled on Pakeshkag Lake and saw a family of otters; they are super cute with their little whiskers !  And of course the usual raccoons, squirrels, birds etc.

Grundy Lake Provincial park

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