Algonquin Park – My Favourite Place

bearAlgonquin Park is our favourite park and one of our most favourite place; if you haven’t been here, you need to go.  We spend 2-7 weeks here every year; we will come for the day or stay for up to 3 weeks at a time.  We have camped in different sites in the park with our trailer and we also have done back country camping…..without our trailer.  lol

This guy was in our campsite June 2016 and he also followed us on a bike trail.

We have camped all over northern Ontario and sometimes not even had one wildlife sighting a week; unless you count chipmunks………..but once you hit the Algonquin Park boundary, animal sightings galore!  Yay for me as my focus is wildlife photography !

Did you know Algonquin is the 3rd largest Provincial park in Ontario established in 1893?  And this park is bigger than Prince Edward Island or if you are American, this park is bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware combined!  We have been here in all seasons and never run out of things to do or get tired of this Park.  Countless lakes, trails and roads to explore.  We have been followed down a bike trail by a bear; held hostage on a bike trail by two hungry moose; held hostage on a lake by a mom moose and twins (they were eating right where we were to get out of our canoe)  and had bears in our campsite (trailer and back country) more times than I can count.  Ah the stories we have !   Pine martens, grey jays, wolves, owls, deer, foxes, beaver, and on and on. When I am in this Park, I am home……..

I have lots of photos in my Photo Gallery from Algonquin Park, as well as other locations.

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