Ghost Town Blues Band – April 6, 2017 Belleville Club

Last night we went to the Belleville Club to listen to a terrific band.  This band called Ghost Town Blues Band is from Memphis and they were asked to come and perform in this city.  How lucky were we?  These guys are great and I would go and see them perform again in a heartbeat!  They played for almost 3 hours and I’m pretty sure they would have played all night, they seemed to truly enjoy what they were doing.

We bought one of their CDs before we left.  I wanted a CD with a lot of the stuff they had just performed.  The drummer, Preston McEwen, picked out their Live CD for me as he said it would be the one I would enjoy the most. They also have 3 studio CDs out, one a new release.  Maybe another time, I will purchase one of them.  I have already listened to the CD I bought 3 times, its pretty darn good!

So even though it’s April, it started snowing while we were at the Belleville Club.  They weren’t happy about the snow !  Welcome to Canada.  The funny thing is when they were done playing here, they were leaving to drive straight through to Chicoutimi, Quebec.  Pretty sure they still have snow up there !  lol

Good Luck Guys and thanks so much for the entertainment!


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