Trenton Scottish Irish Festival – 8 September


The Trenton Scottish Irish Festival, or as I heard one guy refer to it as the Irish Scottish Festival, is an annual event held in Trenton, Ontario.  Booths, vendors, games, music, food and more !   We knew the Fiddleheads, a local band, was going to be playing at the Festival so we went down to see them and check out all the other activities.  It was a cold day, the day before was hot and humid and all of a sudden the weather took a turn and Wham !  cold and windy.  Maybe that’s why there didn’t seem to be a lot of people there this year.




We sat and watched the Caber Toss for awhile.  Man I don’t know how they manage to do that.  Pretty impressive.  In this photo it looks like he is throwing it at that car lol



We went to the other field and sat and watched some of the bands.  I love pipe music, always have.

There were some vendors selling all things Irish and Scottish !  Jewellery, weapons, clothing, information and more.  And of course food booths………

They have a beer tent which is where the music bands are playing as opposed to the Marching or Drum bands.  Farmers Market, which is located in Trenton, had a large food booth right beside the beer tent.  They were offering some great foods.  Scotch Pies with mushy peas, hotdogs, hamburgers, chili and Irish Stew.  I had a scotch pie and it was pretty good, not too keen on mushy peas though !!

The beer tent is where the Fiddleheads were playing and I like their music so we sat and shared a table with a nice couple from Kemptville and watched the entertainment.

In between songs, the different Marching Bands came in front of the stage and each did a tune or two.  I know 8 Wing band was there and a band from Ottawa and one from Glengarry.  They also at one point, gave out the prizes for the Caber tossing and not sure what else they were doing today, as we didn’t see everything.  I do have to say their webpage is not that great.  When I was writing this, I went on their website to see the names of the vendors and it only has an application for vendors.  On the Performers tab it still says details coming soon.  I know they have a Facebook page but not everyone is on Facebook and I would prefer to see everything happening on one page instead of dribs and drabs on Facebook.  But it was a nice time, even with the cold winds !



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