INDIA – Day 10 and 11 – Mandawa to Delhi to Home

We had our breakfast and packed up and were at the bus for 915.  It was gonna be a long long day.    Here are some photos on the way to Delhi from Mandawa.

India S 111418 1351_1210
Not too sure what’s going on here

India IPhone-329_1201
India S 111418 1330_1206
A camel !  and a cow !
India S 111418 1328_1205
Which mode of transport would you prefer?
India IPhone-336_1202
India IPhone-313_1199
Some landscapes outside the cities and towns
India IPhone-309_1198
More countryside, it was rare on our trip to see land without buildings, markets, people etc
India IPhone-301_1193
More modes of transport
India IPhone-277_1186
He looks hungry
India IPhone-262_1182
We had to wait until he crossed
India IPhone-260_1181
We saw a lot of these trees in the countryside.  I don’t know what they are called.

India IPhone-291_1190

Not too far into our drive, Amit had the bus stop, somewhere………….and we all hopped off for a minute.  He went to buy bananas for us and some of us bought hot peanuts.  Below are photos of the peanut vendor, some of our group and Clint walking down the street.


India S 111418 1358_1212
Busy place
India S 111418 1349_1209
We stopped for bananas!
India S 111418 1340_1208
This was across from the peanut vendor
India IPhone-326_1200
Lots of interesting items for sale
India IPhone-303_1194
Amit told me that these vendors go to a big warehouse and pick up their fruits and vegetables to sell

India IPhone-271_1185India IPhone-270_1184

Around lunch time we stopped at a, well let’s just call it an En Route, for lunch.  I’m not sure what Amit ordered but it was huge !


Tons of people eating here, lots of tables, shops, huge menu.  We split some french fries and Clint had soup.  I do have to say, we have had french fries a few times over here and they are very good.  We went into a little store and bought some Pringles, just in case.

Back into the bus and the Air Conditioning broke.  Oh No !  It was a super hot day.  A long drive in a hot bus with no AC, and the windows don’t open.

Finally, we arrived back in Delhi, I think around 6 p.m. and ended up going to the Ambience Mall to hang out for a couple of hours prior to going to the airport.    Our flight is not until 230 a.m. so we have a long wait.  Clint and I walked around the mall for a bit and then headed to TGIF Fridays with the others to have a beer and something to eat.  I don’t like shopping so this appealed to me more than walking around stores.  And this Mall is huge, I don’t know how many floors, at least 4-5.   I was surprised at the stores, they had a Bata shoe store and other familiar stores that we have here.  Just seemed strange.


We left about 9 to head to the Airport.  The traffic was crazy busy as always.

India IPhone-342_1214
Driving to the airport from the mall

But we made it to the airport and said good bye to Amit, Iqbal and Virender.  Sad to say goodbye to them.  They were all very good to us.

India S 111418 1373_1213
Amit saying good bye to us

So now we’re in the airport and just hanging around until our flight.


The flight was about 7 hours or so to Amsterdam.  We had about a 4 1/2-5 hour layover in Amsterdam.  Long wait.  We walked around and read our books.  I went with Anne to McDonalds and got a Cheeseburger and a McKroket to take back to Clint.  The McKroket was horrible, I don’t have one positive thing to say about it ! It is a beef ragout, which is a heavy creamy stew, topped with a rich mustard sauce and then deep fried and put on a bun.  It’s horrible, did I mention that? lol  they did have pretty good chocolates and candies there, which I bought to bring home for the holidays.

India S 111518 1378_1220
We’re in Amsterdam !

We finally got on our 2nd flight and headed back to Canada.  We arrived about 230 p.m. our time.  Remember India is 10 1/2 hours ahead of us.  It was snowing and blowing so I already miss the heat, palm trees, and camels.  We had a driver, (thanks Nancy!) and we dropped off the guys in Port Hope and the others in Campbellford.  Clint and I had to get our car in Wooler and FINALLY walked in our house at 9 p.m. that night.  Very tired I must say.

Straight to bed and dreaming about India…………………….






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