Tallahasee, Florida – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Tallahasee FL-1

Wednesday 19 June –  This morning we left and drove to Tallahassee, Florida to Three Rivers State Park where we ended up on site 15.   We got to the State Park about 4 o’clock, the time changed again and we went back one hour. The girl at the gates said pick any site that doesn’t have a green reserve sign on it. We picked site 15 which is right by the water. We sat outside to have a beer and watched an alligator swim past our site. That was pretty cool.  Where we live, when we camp, we are used to having bears or moose go by.   We drove around the park to the boat launch and saw another alligator.  In October 2018 Hurricane Michael came through this area and this park and there are lots of trees that are down or broken into pieces.

It’s pretty sad to see.  They are still working on doing the clean up. There are only about 16 sites here and $17 a night.  I liked it, nice and quiet, hardly any people and how cool to watch alligators swim by your trailer site.

LR Exported Tallahasee FL-2
There was not very many people here
LR Exported Tallahasee FL-3
This was a really cool spot
LR Exported Tallahasee FL-5
There he is!

LR Exported Tallahasee FL-9

Tomorrow we are off to New Orleans !

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