San Antonio – Texas – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported San Antonio TX-62
The Alamo

Monday 1 July – 20 Celsius and sunny. We left early in the morning to go to Goodyear because one of our trailer tires has had a slow leak since pretty well the start of our trip. Clint just bought four new tires before we left so it’s very disappointing.  The guys at Good Year said there was a big nail in the tire,  close to the rim.  We had to buy a new one and they did have one in stock.  So happy that THAT’S over with!

We left and drove to Waco, Texas and stopped at the Texas Ranger Museum. It was $8 for Clint and $7 for me to enter because seniors rate starts at age 60 ha ha and Clint is not 60 yet!!!  This museum is very well done and they showed a really interesting 45 minute movie.  I also thought the Texas Rangers were pretty cool.  They were pretty impressive, they even took down Bonnie and Clyde!    We were at the museum for 2 ½ – 3 hours.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-2

LR Exported San Antonio TX-3

LR Exported San Antonio TX-6

We left and kept driving until we reached San Antonio, Texas. We stayed at Travelers World RV park on site 129. This is a really nice park; they have a pool, two hot tubs, a fitness center and it’s really, really nice.  They have a few permanent residents.  We have a nice shaded site in the back of the park.  By the time we got there and set up it was 6 o’clock so we just sat around and planned our next adventures.

Tuesday 2 July –  Sunny and 32 Celsius. We got up early and walked through the trailer park to the road,  we crossed the road to the bus stop.  If you don’t want to take your vehicle and you don’t need to, taking the bus is an easy and inexpensive way to get downtown.  It was only $1.30 per person each way to get into San Antonio. We wanted to go to the Alamo but there were huge lineups to get into the church to see it. We walked all around the outside to see the grounds and decided to try to getting into the church later.  We did see the Alamo Cenotaph.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-64
Alamo Cenotaph
LR Exported San Antonio TX-28
David Crockett Statue

LR Exported San Antonio TX-63

San Antonio-5_01

San Antonio-6_01

We went to the ticket booth which was right there, and we paid $69 each which included a river cruise ( $12 each), the Alamo IMAX ($12 each), three hop on hop off days on the trolley plus the Buckhorn saloon along with two other museums which were $20 each.  So a pretty good deal, we saved about $19.   We took the tour bus around to all of the 19 stops, just to get the lay of the land.  This city is spread out, you would need some form of transportation to get around to everything.   We just did the whole tour and then got off back at the start.  We decided to do the Alamo IMAX which was a 48 minute movie and it was an okay movie.  It featured the Alamo and the events leading up to and during the seige.  Then we walked back past the Alamo and over to the Buckhorn Museum for lunch and to see the two museums. They had a Texas Ranger Museum and an animal collection. (all in the same building) So many animals and antlers up on the walls and all over the place, I have no words to describe it.

We sat at the bar for lunch and the food was okay, not bad and not great.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-12
The Buckhorn
LR Exported San Antonio TX-67
Oh Dear God
LR Exported San Antonio TX-69
Bonnie and Clyde

LR Exported San Antonio TX-66

Then we walked to the riverfront and did a cruise. They have these small boats that go up and down the canals.  They have lots of them so you don’t have to wait long at all.

San Antonio-10_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-39_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-36_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-176

LR Exported San Antonio TX-42

“All right, all right, all right, ” that was our guide. That’s all he said the whole trip, well he gave us a few facts but mostly just kept saying his signature phrase.   Our little boat took us up and down all the canals and under bridges, it was very interesting and it’s a lovely area.

After that cruise we went back to the Alamo and there was hardly anyone there so we were able to go into the church right away.  We went to see the exhibit room and it was about 4:30 so no lineups.  Keep that in mind if you go !  No photos, sorry!  You are not allowed to take photos inside.

Then we walked back to the riverfront and we sat at an Irish pub outside and I forget the name of it and we had a beer. We were going to eat there but they literally ignored us so we went next door to sit and eat.  We  sat at a high table right by the water. Lots of ducks and birds were around and it was a lovely spot for supper. We had frozen Texas sized margaritas that were huge. I had a strawberry flavour and Clint had a mango flavour. We ordered supper; enchiladas and fajitas. Great food and great drinks, probably for the best that the people at the other bar ignored us! lol  We took home a lot of leftovers.

San Antonio-13_01


LR Exported San Antonio TX-60
I took this photo, I don’t know why this mom and baby were so fascinating to me but they were
LR Exported San Antonio TX-58
Ducks were all over !

LR Exported San Antonio TX-56

We walked down to the bus stop and went home, about a 15 minute bus ride and then we walked back across the highway to our park.  Very easy traveling.

Wednesday 30 June – Sunny and 32 Celsius. We slept in this morning, then we got up and drove our truck to visit the 4 missions. The missions were called Conception, San Juan, San Jose, and Espada.  Very cool places, I love the look of the missions and so does Clint. It’s amazing how they survived all these years. At one of the missions there were 2 cute little puppies hanging out.


LR Exported San Antonio TX-82

San Antonio-19_01


LR Exported San Antonio TX-83

LR Exported San Antonio TX-90

San Antonio-16_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-128

San Antonio-30_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-111

San Antonio-28_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-127

LR Exported San Antonio TX-103

LR Exported San Antonio TX-102

LR Exported San Antonio TX-98

LR Exported San Antonio TX-95

LR Exported San Antonio TX-94

LR Exported San Antonio TX-107

San Antonio-37_01

San Antonio-35_01

San Antonio-34_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-131

LR Exported San Antonio TX-121

LR Exported San Antonio TX-129
2 little orphan dogs

LR Exported San Antonio TX-123

San Antonio-36_01

After that, we went and did a bit of shopping at the mall because I needed new sandals. I didn’t get any but Clint got three new T-shirts and had a 45 minute massage. It was his day!  And he didn’t even want to go shopping lol.

Thursday 4 July –  sunny but with a nice breeze 32 Celsius. We went across the highway again and caught the bus back into San Antonio. We hopped on the trolley bus and got off near the San Fernando Cathedral.  Beautiful church, and big.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-143

San Antonio-49_01

San Antonio-48_01

We stopped at the Founder’s Monument.     This is a  bronze monument honouring the four founding communities of San Antonio; being honoured are the Native Americans, Spanish Presidio Soldiers, Spanish Friars and the Canary Islanders.  The monument represents the city’s historic beginnings in 1718 and how four communities blended to shape the culture and history of San Antonio.   It is located by Bexar County Courthouse.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-154

LR Exported San Antonio TX-153
Bexar County Courthouse

Then we made our way to the Spanish Governor’s House.  I enjoyed the Spanish governor’s house, the rooms inside were very interesting and they had a garden out the back.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-156

LR Exported San Antonio TX-155

LR Exported San Antonio TX-160

LR Exported San Antonio TX-164

After that we walked to the Mexican market which was just kinda like a party place. Lots of people and lots of activity. We got a couple of treats at a bakery. It was pretty interesting to see everything there.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-166

LR Exported San Antonio TX-167

LR Exported San Antonio TX-168

After that we caught the trolley to the Friendly Spot, it is what they call an outdoor bar in an old icehouse. Lots of colorful chairs and tables and everything is outside. We sat and had a beer, maybe two. Kind of a neat spot.  They claim to have over 300 different kinds of beers.  I told Clint we might be here awhile……………….


LR Exported San Antonio TX-19
The Friendly Spot

After that ,we caught the trolley again and headed back to the Alamo. We had to get off the trolley there as that is the starting and end point.  We then hopped on another trolley back to Augie’s BBQ house.   Our tour guide mentioned this restaurant.  You get in a lineup and they serve you Mess Hall style and then you can sit wherever you want.   I had pork ribs and potato salad and Clint had sausage, brisket ,mashed potatoes and KD.  The food came to $28 but there was a lot of it and it was pretty good.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-137

San Antonio-57_01

Then we walked around the block to the VFW  (Veterans of Foreign Wars) (much like our Legions) and sat outside and had a beer.  This VFW was a huge, big old white house by the water and is the oldest VFW in Texas.   There were a lot of old vets there, enjoying a cold one.  Very cool spot and an interesting history of this house.  I put the info below.

San Antonio-45_01

LR Exported San Antonio TX-173

LR Exported San Antonio TX-174
Inside the VFW

After that we walked all the way to Pecan and Flores streets, which were along the river, so that we could catch the city bus home.  It was a long day but a really good day,  we got home about 6 o’clock.

A couple of random shots.

LR Exported San Antonio TX-17

LR Exported San Antonio TX-15
This was a cool wall mural, showing a mural of people painting a mural.
LR Exported San Antonio TX-9
Pearl District in San Antonio

Well that’s all for San Antonio, quite a lovely city and one of my favourites on this trip.

Tomorrow we are off to Sanderson, Texas!

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