Sanderson, Texas – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Sanderson TX-32

Friday 5 July –  sunny today.  Heading to Langtry, Texas!

LR Exported Sanderson TX-29

LR Exported Sanderson TX-24

We stopped at the Pecos River Bridge.   If you are driving on Hwy 90, on your way to Langtry, you will have to cross a big canyon gorge.  This gorge is carved out by the Pecos River. The bridge is 1,310 feet long and approximately 273 feet above the water, depending on water levels.



LR Exported Sanderson TX-6

LR Exported Sanderson TX-7

We left about 930 and stopped in Langtry, Texas to see where Judge Roy Bean lived.  You walked into the museum and could look around there and then you had to go out the back door to get to the rest of the displays.  His house, where he lived, was out behind the Visitor Centre.  You could go inside and see his office and living areas. They also had a desert garden you could walk through.  In 1972, I remember watching a movie called The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, starring Paul Newman.  Great movie if you get the chance to watch it.

LR Exported Sanderson TX-17
Judge Bean’s Opera House, Town Hall and Seat of Justice
LR Exported Sanderson TX-8
His house

LR Exported Sanderson TX-12

LR Exported Sanderson TX-14
This is an original foot off of his pool table.

LR Exported Sanderson TX-16

LR Exported Sanderson TX-9

They also had a desert garden you could walk through.

LR Exported Sanderson TX-19

After that we left and arrived at  Sanderson Texas a few hours later. We stayed at the only RV park there, it was called Canyons RV ,in the middle of nowhere. It was a desert environment with only one tree by our trailer.    We talked to the owner for a bit and then took a short drive but there’s nothing in this area.  Literally nothing………….

LR Exported Sanderson TX-23

Tomorrow off to Terlingua!   Big Bend National Park is located in this area.


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