Palm Springs, California – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-119

Saturday 20 July –  We left about 8:30 in the morning for Palm Springs. We got there about 1 o’clock.

Palm Springs-11

We stayed at Cathedral Palms RV park in Cathedral City and had site 123 way in the back of the park.   It was an okay place.  The young girl at the front desk was awesome, very friendly to talk to and gave us a lot of information.  There were two other full timers in the office who also provided us with lots of good info.  Everyone was very friendly.  We set up and then went into town to drive the streets and see what the area was like and then stopped at La Quinta Brewery and sat outside. They had pretty good IPA’s.  It’s a nice place and they have a nice patio out front so you can watch the people and traffic go by.

Palm Springs-1

Walked around a bit and went into a couple of shops, then off we went again.

Clint wanted to do the Aerial tram so we drove up a big, steep hill to the building to catch the tram. It was $24 each but that was twilight rates. Our time to leave was 6 PM so we wandered around looking at things until our time arrived.  This tram was different, the entire car rotated the whole drive up the mountain. We went up about 7,000 feet.  You can get off the tram at the top and they have a huge building with restaurants, shops, bar area.  The area around the building has trails and also stairs to go up to different look out spots.

Palm Springs-3
This is a neat place, this is outside the Visitor Center at the bottom of the mountain

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-31

Palm Springs-4
It fascinates me how they can build these things
Palm Springs-2
Tiny little Tram Car

Palm Springs-9

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-8

We walked all around the building and then took a walk on the long trail that went down the mountain at the back of  the building. It was a pretty cool spot. When it was time to leave, there were so many people lined up to leave and only two trams. We didn’t want to wait in a lineup so we decided to watch the movie they were showing on this area and then we popped upstairs for beer. It was almost $22 for two classes of beer. And that’s American!  We paid less than that in Italy at St Mark’s Square and we thought THAT was expensive beer!

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-14
These squirrels are really cute
Palm Springs-10
You can view the Windmills from up here
Palm Springs-5
Palm Springs from above
Palm Springs-6
Trail from the back of the building, we went down……..then we walked back up……….
LR Exported Palm Springs CA-18
Beautiful area

After about an hour or more, we were able to get on a tram.  It was fun going back down as it was dark and they were playing good Rock music really loud and it was just fun. We walked back to our parking lot to our truck and then headed home.

Palm Springs-8

Some random area photos.

Palm Springs-30

Palm Springs-22

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-5
Palm Springs

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-3

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-103
There was a park that had all these huge metal dogs, so cute

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-101

Sunday 21 July –  Sunny and 38 Celsius.  Today we drove to Joshua Tree National Park. Every time I see the words Joshua Tree, a whole lot of U2 songs go flashing through my mind.  Great album by the way.  On the way to the park, we saw  hundreds of windmills and lots of solar panels. Great alternatives for power.  We need more of them.

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-99
So many windmills……..
Palm Springs-12
Driving from Palm Springs to the Aerial Tram

We went to the Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center  when we got to the Park.  We  looked around the Center and then headed out for our drive.  It took us about four hours to drive through the park. We stopped a lot to take photos and we got out to do a one-mile hike, took about 50 minutes to go to the Barker Dam from the parking lot. There was no water at the dam and it was oh so hot.

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-78
Park Sign
LR Exported Palm Springs CA-105
My first Joshua Tree

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-74

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-68

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-67
Us on our hike in billion degree weather lol

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-50

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-37

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-65
Amazing how they can grow on the rocks

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-55

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-46

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-45

We left the very mountainous Rocky Park and stopped at Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneer Town Palace which was supposed to be an old film set. Pretty interesting place inside, we sat at the bar and had a couple of beer.  We then walked through the old town looking around, some cool old buildings here.  Most of the buildings are stores now and one of the bigger ones is a bowling alley. Very interesting area.

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-118
Pioneer Palace
Palm Springs-25
Rustic Decor
LR Exported Palm Springs CA-116
This is a list of movies that were filmed here
LR Exported Palm Springs CA-115
They finally caught him

Palm Springs-35

Palm Springs-34

Palm Springs-33

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-84

LR Exported Palm Springs CA-82
This made me laugh. someone left their sunglasses on the cactus

At the RV park where we were staying, the girl told us that the Yardhouse Restaurant was good so we decided to go there for dinner. We had to park across and down the street quite a bit and we walked over to the restaurant. The restaurant was okay. Clint LOVED his tortilla soup saying it was the best he has ever had, the rest was good too. French fries were not that great but all in all it wasn’t bad.

Off to San Dimas, California !   Actually Los Angeles…………….we are just camping in San Dimas.



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