What to do Locally on a Cold February Weekend

Tyler, Amanda and Steve Wilkinson

What to do on a cold February weekend?  It was approximately -21 Celsius last night!  Cold eh?  We don’t have a lot of snow but we do have the bitter cold.  But you can’t stay in the house right?

We went out to a local Belleville restaurant Friday night for dinner.  Our anniversary was last week, any excuse for a dinner out!   We went to Capers  located downtown Belleville.  We used to go there quite a bit but we haven’t been for a year or more, probably more.  Sorry the photos aren’t the best, using my cellphone and the venues were dark and what else can I use as an excuse?  Give me time………….


Capers is a restaurant, that for me, has a lot of ambience and character.  Stone walls, interesting seating options, it’ quite unique.  They have such cool bar stools and they have a couple of little seating areas kind of built into the wall for privacy.   The staff are terrific, so friendly and attentive.  They quite often do dinner/show combos in their back room area.  It’s a great place.


We relaxed with, what else?, a beer for me; Clint was in a red wine mood.  No phones at the table!  Except for 2 or 3 quick pics for the Blog.    The food here is really good.

Tacos and Flatbread
Fried chicken, carrots, scalloped potatoes

Capers has a lot of live music playing on different nights.  Tonight was a father/daughter act, Rewind.   Both played guitars and sang, they were terrific.  The young girl had a really powerful voice.



Saturday night we headed out to one of our favourite venues for entertainment, The Old Church Theater.  I have blogged about this place before, it’s a wonderful spot.  They have shows, plays, pub nights, and more.  This weekend we watched Tyler and Steve Wilkinson perform, a lot of their own songs and others.  Tyler has a terrific voice. Halfway through the first set,  Amanda Wilkinson showed up and sang with her brother and Dad.  They used to be the Wilkinson Family and then Tyler and Amanda headed out on their own with a group called Small Town Pistols.  We really enjoyed their show.


All in all a pretty good weekend!

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