Buelton, California – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Buelton CA-29

Monday 29 July –   Still sick !   Oh well, what are you going to do?  We left anyways about 9:20 heading towards Solvang.

LR Exported Buelton CA-8
On our drive to Solvang

LR Exported Buelton CA-5

we ended up at the Flying Flags Resort in Buellton.

Buelton Hurst Mansion-10_01
Does this look like a $71.20 campsite ? US Dollars too!

I was told when I called that it was $60 a night.  We arrived and the fee was $71.20 a night; they hid a fee of $11.20 per night into the cost. They call it a “resort fee” and it is not listed on their website nor did they tell me on the phone when I booked it.   In all our years of camping, upwards of 60 campgrounds or more a year, we have never heard of this.  This park is also a Good Sam campground but the guy screwed up and we only got 10% off for one night, instead of two,  so we really got ripped off there. I didn’t notice the lack of the 10% at the time so that is on me.   It’s not even a nice park. Anyways, we got over it. lol

After we set up we drove into the town of Solvang.  It’s a really cute Danish town and we walked around and ended up at the Hans Christian Anderson Museum above the bookstore. Very interesting reading about him and his books.  I grew up reading his books.   I, for some reason, have no photos of Hans or the building……..weird.

LR Exported Buelton CA-12

LR Exported Buelton CA-11

We did try a bakery which was okay and I can’t remember the name.  We walked the streets going in here and there, it’s a really cute town.

Went in Solvang Brewery to check it out, didn’t stay too long.

Buelton Hurst Mansion-1_01

After we finished in the town we drove to Los Olivos to Figuero Mountain Brewery. It was a nice drive to get there.

Buelton Hurst Mansion-9_01
Beautiful Area

Buelton Hurst Mansion-8_01

And Los Olivos is a cute little town, yes another cute little town.  The Figueroa Mountain Brewery was in a big old house with a wonderful front porch. Very cool. We sat in really comfy chairs near the front and then decided to go to the back room to play darts and shuffleboard. We met a guy, who was in there playing darts, called Jeff who works at the brewery, we talked to him for a very long time.  Nice guy.  We also played shuffleboard and darts.  Fun evening.

Buelton Hurst Mansion-2_01

LR Exported Buelton CA-15
This was a very rustic bar and we quite liked it

LR Exported Buelton CA-14

Tuesday 30  July – Sunny. We drove to a mission called Old Mission Santa Ynez and then headed to Santa Barbara.

Buelton Hurst Mansion-5_01
This is a big mission
Buelton Hurst Mansion-4_01
Beautiful inside

Buelton Hurst Mansion-3_01

LR Exported Buelton CA-47

LR Exported Buelton CA-30

LR Exported Buelton CA-24

LR Exported Buelton CA-21

LR Exported Buelton CA-17
Fountain Flower

Santa Barbara is is a really nice town with lots of big beaches.

LR Exported Buelton CA-36

We stopped at the Lama Dog taproom and sat at the bar. We ordered a couple of burgers and I had a beer called Pliny the Elder made by Rushing River Brewery.  Apparently this is a very, very popular beer. When it first comes out people are lined up at the brewery to taste it and/or buy it. It was probably one of the best IPAs I’ve ever had. We sat there for quite a long time and chatted with a guy who sat next to us. He took an afternoon off work to come in and drink this beer.  It is really good.

LR Exported Buelton CA-50
The owner has a dog that looks like this!   Hence the logo and name………..
LR Exported Buelton CA-52
Inside Lama Dog Taproom

We left and went next door to another brewery called Topa Topa brewery and tried their beer. It wasn’t bad either.

LR Exported Buelton CA-54

Off to Firestone Walker and tried their beer but I didn’t care for any of it. Clint loved the porter/stouts they had and could have stayed longer.  It’s a nice place with a big restaurant and a bar in the back.

LR Exported Buelton CA-56

Tomorrow we are off to Monterey, California…………



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