Photography Show – February 2020 – Clint’s Photos

Clint 2020 Mall show_8

One of the photography clubs we belong to has a Photo Display once a year.  I always put in 10-11 photos, as does my husband.  I already did a post showing the photos that I have submitted, this post will show my husband, Clint’s photos.

He likes to do more artsy stuff with some of his photos.

Below are his photos only……as I mentioned in the Blog for my photos, he also has his all matted and framed.  We set up our display in the shopping mall in a city near where we live.   Belleville, Ontario.

Now because this club is a Nature Photography Club, we are only allowed to photograph wildlife, landscapes, flowers, insects etc.  No “hand of man” is allowed, for example, a bird sitting on a bird feeder or a fence.

I hope you enjoy his photos!  These were all taken last year during our travels.

Clint 2020 Mall show_12

Clint 2020 Mall show_11
Stellar Jay
Clint 2020 Mall show_10
Along the road in Washington State
Clint 2020 Mall show_9
Clint 2020 Mall show_6
Florida bird
Clint 2020 Mall show_5
Clint 2020 Mall show_1
Lunch Time!
Clint 2020 Mall show_2
Beautiful colours
Clint 2020 Mall show_3
Heron eating a fish
Clint 2020 Mall show_4
Banff Alberta Elk

The photo below my husband “painted” the photo in Topaz (an editing program) and then had it printed on canvas.  It’s very beautiful.

Clint 2020 Mall show_7
Florida Bird

So that’s that for another year !   But stayed tuned as we are always out and about taking photos!

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