Vancouver, British Columbia – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Tofino BC-83

Wednesday 11 September –   We left to get the ferry and we had to wait over an hour for construction at the 38 km point just outside of Tofino.

The ferry took about an hour and 40 minutes to cross.

LR Exported Tofino BC-82

Got to Plaza RV  about 5 o’clock. We got on the ferry at 1:15 and got off at 3:20 and it took us that long to get to the RV park.  Anyways we got site 118 which is a paved spot right by the showers and laundry. There is mostly full-time people here. We paid $44 a night for four nights. Two other trailers came in after us. It was getting late so we drove to Big Ridge Brewing Company for dinner.

Thursday 12 September  –  18-20 Celsius and rainy. Spent a couple of hours at emergency to see about Clint’s back/leg.  He is okay sitting down but cannot walk more than a few feet and then has to sit down.  The doctor did no x-rays or anything and he just assumed it was a herniated disc. We left there and ate at a Vietnamese restaurant while waiting for his prescription to be filled. We had noodle bowls but they were not as good as the places where we live and go to. Clint stayed in the truck while I did a few errands and then we went home.

Friday 18 September  –  20 Celsius and rainy.  One of Clint’s friends from High School lives out here so we met him for breakfast.

LR Exported Vancouveri BC-3

After our visit with him, he had to go to work, we left and went to Daargaden Brewery. A very cold place, no ambience at all. Just cement walls and very plain. We shared a flight but they were all Belgian style beer and was not very good. Probably because neither one of us likes Belgian style beer.  And then we just went home.

Saturday 19 September –  15 Celsius and rainy. You can tell we’re back in Canada. Clint has another friend in Vancouver area that he used to work with and he had invited us for dinner to his home.  We had a really nice visit and Dennis made us his famous BBQ’d salmon which was really good.  He and his wife, Heather, are great cooks and great hosts.  We had a good visit with them.  It was nice to see them again.

We didn’t do a lot here or take photos, we stayed most of the time in our trailer as Clint’s back was causing him severe pain when he stool up or walked.

Tomorrow we are off to Kamloops.


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