Kamloops, British Columbia – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Kamloops BC-6_01

Sunday 15 September – cloudy, rainy 14 Celsius.

LR Exported Kamloops BC-4_01

We left for Kamloops and stayed at the Kamview RV park  just outside of the city.

Drove around the city, checking things out.

LR Exported Kamloops BC-13_01

LR Exported Kamloops BC-12_01
Not sure the significance of this Bull and Kamloops but still………………..cute

We drove into town and went to Red Collar Brewery. Nice big place and the beer was okay.

LR Exported Kamloops BC-11_01LR Exported Kamloops BC-10_01LR Exported Kamloops BC-9_01LR Exported Kamloops BC-8_01

After that we went down the street to Alchemy Brewery.   Clint asked the server for the darkest beer they had on tap and she said she didn’t know because she didn’t drink beer. WTH. The beer was okay, I had a hazy IPA and we decided to eat dinner.  Clint’s pizza looked downright disgusting and my sandwich looked and tasted disgusting. The coleslaw had no flavor, the fries were okay and Ketchup tasted like vinegar. Not a great meal. Would not recommend this place at all

LR Exported Kamloops BC-16_01
The ambience here was nice, we did like the look of the restaurant. 

We drove down one street and they had a cool wall mural on the one of the buildings.  I do love my wall murals, or wall art.

LR Exported Kamloops BC-15_01

Off to Revelstoke, B.C. tomorrow!

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