Revelstoke, British Columbia – Big Trip 2019

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-46

Monday 16 September –  we packed up and left for Revelstoke.   We have both been here before and it’s a nice area.

We stayed at the Revelstoke Campground at site 45 and paid $35 a night for two nights. We had a really nice site with lots of trees. It was like an actual campground not a KOA  styled campground. We set up and left for an adventure.  Clint is feeling somewhat better.

We drove to the Meadows in the Sky Parkway and Revelstoke National Park.   This drive is a winding 26 kms, all uphill.  You can only drive up so far, then you have to park and take a shuttle to the top. So we took the shuttle up to the top, which was only a few minutes drive.  They have different trails up at the top and you can do as many as you want.  The shuttle comes and goes, so you can wait in their hutch.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-26

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-6

We did a 30 minute hike and walked around to see the landscape.  It’s pretty nice up there, then we brought the shuttle back down. It’s a really nice park and it would’ve been nice to spend more time there.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-18

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-8

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We did stop at Nels Nelson Ski Jump and they had a really cute kids activity area, outside.

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You could also do trails here as well.  There were lots of runners here, doing the trails.

It was later now so we went into town to Rumpus Brewery. This is a cute little place, we sat in the corner and had a glass of beer. Didn’t stay too long, we wanted to drive around the town a bit to see what was going on.  It’s a nice place. Then off to McDonalds for dinner.  Clint’s choice today.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-28

Tuesday 17 September –  11 Celsius and rainy. We went to the Enchanted Forest. We were here years ago and it’s a really cute place.  It’s kind of set up the side of a hill and there are nice trails through the woods.  They have all the storybook characters set along the trails or in the trees.  There are 25 in total it’s very well done.   They have a nature trail you can take as well but Clint’s back was still not 100% and couldn’t walk to far for too long, poor guy.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-78

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We left there and drove down to the Last Spike, which has an interesting history.  The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the ceremonial final spike driven into the Canadian Pacific Railway at Craigellachie, British Columbia at 9:22 am on November 7, 1885.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-63

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-31

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-32

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-33

As we were driving around, we noticed a huge Smokey the Bear statue.  I always loved him as a kid, I never see Smokey in Canada anymore, so this was a surprise.  We even had commercials on TV with Smokey.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-92

On to Frontier Ghost Town!  Tons of buildings and displays, 25 buildings in all. It’s very well done. Pretty reasonably priced at $10 each.  We spent quite a lot of time there, lots of buildings to go through.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-34
This resort is beautiful and the Pioneer Town is in behind it.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-91

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-39

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-37

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-38

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-35

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-76

It’s pretty incredible all the history and old items, including cars and other vehicles that they have.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-82

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-83
A KISS pinball machine!
LR Exported Revelstoke BC-85
A train that past Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau rode on

I met the Frontier Town cat and he was pretty cute.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-90

We left there and drove to the Ski Hill for a look around.  I love this area, so much to see, the mountains are always awesome to look at.

We also went to the Revelstoke Dam and took a look, unfortunately the Visitor Centre was closed to tourists at this time.  I forget the reason but we could only drive close and get a photo of the Dam.  Last time we were here, you could go to the Dam and take a tour.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-45

We left for Mount Begbie Brewery which isn’t too far from our trailer park. Maybe a five minute drive.  This is a great place. It’s a huge building with a very nice tasting room and it overlooks the mountain.  There are big glass windows so you can sit and look out at the mountains.  Very nice relaxing spot. I had a Nasty Habit IPA, Tall Timber, Brown Ale and a Brave Liver Scottish ale. I had a terrific pizza and Clint had some tandoori chicken tacos.  I liked it here a lot.

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-93

LR Exported Revelstoke BC-96

Off to Banff, Alberta tomorrow !  A place I really love.

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