A Day on the Millenium Trail – 17 June



Yesterday we decided to bike part of the Millenium Trail. This trail is 46 kilometers in length and about 8 metres wide.  The trail winds it’s way through Prince Edward County covering about 73.5 hectares of land.  You can access the trail through a different spots but there are specific points in Picton, Wellington, Bloomfield and Consecon.   

Millenium Trail

We did not do the whole trail!  We only biked about 20 kilometers total and the stretch we did is through Slab Creek Swamp and Hubbs Creek Marsh.  These are two great areas to bike through because…………..I can photograph wildlife!  The day we went, we saw a snake and a raccoon but I was not able to get photos, they both are very fast.  We also saw the heronry again, although today three of the nests were empty.  The swan family was hanging around and assorted other birds.

The green water was kind of yucky looking


She was really telling the little ones off at one point


Dad chilling across the road in another body of water.

We like to take photos of all different flowers and plants that we see on our travels. Here are a few photos I took, I really like the one below.  I have no clue what any of these plants are called!



The two photos below I decided to do one in colour and the other in B&W.   A lot of people prefer colour photos but I do like to do B&W.





So a great day on the Millenium Trail!  Which by the way, you can also use the trail via hiking, biking, horseback, ATV and I believe scooters!   Check it out if you are in the area.

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