Canoeing on Wellington Bay – 19 June


So if you haven’t been to “The County”, go………it’s a great area.  Wineries, beaches, breweries, restaurants, camping, entertainment, festivals and more.  We spend a lot of time there as it’s only about 30-45 minute drive from where we live.  What is The County you may ask?

Prince Edward County is an island on the north shore of Lake Ontario, not to be confused with Prince Edward ISLAND which is a Canadian province.  You can access the County by road, boats or ferry.   We were riding our bikes on the Millenium Trail the other day but today decided to get up early and go to Wellington.  We put our canoe in at the boat launch and paddled all around Wellington Bay.  You can paddle into West Lake but it is really windy on that lake, usually.

This is the boat launch and if you are standing here looking at the water, there is a lighthouse in behind you
To the right and behind where we launched, takes you to Lake Ontario
To the right and forward and if you go around the land mass on the right, it is Wellington Bay

Wellington Bay has a spit of land, or sand bar, that separates it from Lake Ontario.  We are experienced canoeists but I am not paddling Lake Ontario.  It’s a big lake and windy and can be very dangerous.

So I am standing on the Wellington Bay side and you can see Lake Ontario, so close!

It was a relaxing day and I did not take my Nikon cameras and big lenses.  I decided to throw a little point and shoot camera in the canoe and go!

I’ m in the front seat so here is my view. 
There must have been 40 swans on this lake and a couple of families
Swans off in the distance, we also saw Snapping Turtles
Heading towards West Lake, the entrance is far ahead and to the left


After we paddled around for a couple of hours, we decided to stop at this little beach part.  It’s kind of cool because we got out of our canoe and literally a 15 second walk across the sand and you are on Lake Ontario.   Seconds before we pulled onto the shore, another couple had just pulled onto the beach seconds before us, they were in a small motorboat.   We thought our quiet beach time was lost but what the heck, anyone can stop there.  So after the incident that happened, we thought “Quiet Beach Time” or “Entertainment”?   We got Entertainment!  which was kind of fun.  The man had a drone he was flying around and it went over our heads out onto Wellington Bay.  All of a sudden he started cursing and yelling, mostly at his wife.  His drone had dropped into the water and he said it was his wife’s fault because she distracted him asking a question and he lost focus.   He was pretty miserable to her.  So long story short,  he said something about not hitting the right buttons or having things set up right.  So apparently he could not see it on the camera, could not bring it home and his GPS was not working to see where it even landed.  We must have heard 20 times that it cost $1200.00 and it was lost.  Oh well…………………….  I would have felt sorry for him if he hadn’t been such a dick to his wife.  Note however that he said that he had not set the controls correctly and that functions were not working but it was still his wife who caused the crash.

the little beach area
Standing on the Lake Ontario beach looking to the north
Standing on the Lake Ontario beach looking to the south



We had put our chairs in the water and had a picnic lunch that we had brought.   They left before us and then we did have some quiet time!  So win-win for us; lose-lose for him……. no drone, wife upset…………….

It was a great day paddling!




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